Schedule your Session!

Martin Hernandez , Photographer

The calendar has a six-week rolling window. If you need to book further down the calendar, please reach me directly or wait until you get closer to your date! 

After scheduling your session, I will follow up with an email to confirm the date! I like to double-check things! Please wait for the second and final confirmation before booking other vendors such as makeup artists!

Be sure to check out the tips below to prepare for your session!

CANCELLATION/ RESCHEDULING POLICY: We understand that life happens, and unexpected circumstances may arise. If you need to reschedule for any reason, we kindly ask that you please give us a 24-hour notice. A rescheduling fee of $75 will be applied. 

TRAVELING FEE: A travel fee of $2.50 per mile one way will be applied for traveling more than 25 miles from Downtown Houston. For example, Brenham Tx is 88 miles away; the first 25 miles are free, leaving 53 miles. 53mi x $2.50 = $132.50

RAIN POLICY: When it comes to the possibility of rain, my Policy is that if there is a 50% chance of rain or higher during the time that we will be shooting, I will reach out to you to confirm if you'd like to proceed as scheduled, move to a different location (indoors or with cover), or find my next available date. Since the weather can change rapidly, we will wait until 6 PM the night before (if your session is scheduled around sunrise) or 4 hours before our session(if your session is scheduled around sunset) to make a call! Trust me, I know it's hard not to look until the night/hours before; but, I promise, 8/10 times, the weather will change a million times between now and then! No fee will be applied when rescheduling due to rain.

TARDINESS: Please plan enough time to get to your session. If you are running late, please call us. If you have a 90-minute session scheduled and arrive 20 minutes late, you will have a 70-minute session. If we arrive late, we will communicate that with you, and your session time will not be affected.