Hi, I'm Martin. I'm a wedding and portraiture photographer.  

I live in Houston. I am an accountant, a numbers guy as my friends call me. I hold a bachelor's in Finance from the Bauer College of Business at the University of Houston. I am happily married to my wonderful wife, Arianna. We recently got married back in June of 2018. She's truly a blessing to my life. We love to travel and try new things. Our friends love to travel with us because we are known to spontaneously book flights and travel to places we've never been to. It's our weakness, I must admit!

I got into photography early when my mom bought me my first pocket camera. I took that canon Cybershot everywhere I went. I still have it stored in my closet. During my college years, I needed some money, so I started taking pictures of family and friends. After a few months, referrals started coming in.

The art of photography carries immense emotional value. Memories and beautiful moments captured through a high-resolution professional camera is pure gold. When I look back at those images I took when I first started, I relive those moments. My desire and commitment to all my clients are to document a glimpse of their life story boldly and artistically.

I invite you to look at my work and perhaps even start a chat on how I can help you with your event. Hope to hear from you soon.

Loving people and preserving memories,


Arianna & Martin

Arianna, Wedding Planner | Martin Hernandez, Photographer.



“Martin took our engagement pictures and we loved them! He was an awesome photographer and he made us feel very comfortable while shooting. He had great ideas and he took us to several locations that kept it fun. Thank you Martin for the awesome work!”